3 of the Biggest Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Popcorn Ceiling Removed

Popcorn ceiling - removal

Since a popcorn ceiling is generally considered less attractive than a smooth ceiling, you might consider getting your popcorn ceiling removed at some point. But if simple aesthetics aren't enough to convince you to invest the time and money into a popcorn ceiling removal, perhaps the other practical benefits will be:

Popcorn Ceiling Is Easy to Dirty Up and Hard to Clean Up

When you buy a home or any installation for that home, you have to consider the cleanup, which you'll need to do every week for as long as you live there. So, you'll want to get a home that's small enough for you to clean as well as installations that are easy to clean.

Unfortunately, with regard to installations, you'll find that a popcorn ceiling is quite difficult to clean and maintain. Its texture locks in stains and makes them hard to scrub out, so if you want to keep your home easy to clean from top to bottom, you'll want to get your popcorn ceiling removed.

Your Home's Resale Value Will Suffer from Popcorn Ceiling

When people shop around for a new home, they're considering the same thing you were when you shopped for your home: the look and the maintenance. And if your home's look and maintenance aren't the best, people are not apt to pay the best price for it.

Since a popcorn ceiling isn't the most attractive ceiling option there is and since it is a pain to clean, you could experience a drop in your home's resale value because of it. To regain that value, you need to remove that popcorn ceiling so that potential buyers won't have it to complain about.

Asbestos Can Be Present in Your Popcorn Ceiling

In popcorn ceilings manufactured before 1978, asbestos was oftentimes present. So, if your home is about four decades old or older, its popcorn ceiling could contain asbestos, which could lead to a host of health issues for you and your loved ones.

You might not mind how easy your home is to clean or how much it's worth, but you'll surely mind whether it can lead to health issues for you and yours. So, you'll want to prevent those issues by having your popcorn ceiling removed -- especially your older popcorn ceiling.

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