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Roof Repairs

Which Types Of Roof Repairs Are The Most Common?

You may not be expecting profound input about roof repairs from a company known as the best local professional painters, but you may not know that Gio's Pro Painting is skilled in a few different areas. We're proud to offer roof repairs because it's such an essential service.

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Interior Painting

Top Tips for Picking Interior Paint Colors

One of the most effective ways to change the look of the inside of your home is with interior painting. It can change the look in the same way that remodeling does but at a fraction of the cost...

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Popcorn ceiling removal

3 of the Biggest Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Popcorn Ceiling Removed

Since a popcorn ceiling is generally considered less attractive than a smooth ceiling, you might consider getting your popcorn ceiling removed at some point. But if simple aesthetics aren't enough to convince you to invest the time and money into a popcorn ceiling removal, perhaps the other practical benefits will be.

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Freshly Painted House - Exterior Painting

Enjoy a Beautiful Home or Business thanks to Our Quality Exterior Painting Services

A beautiful new coat of paint can provide some great benefits for your Greensboro, NC, home or business. And to get the best new coat of paint, you need to have yours provided by an experienced painting contractor -- such as Gio's Pro Painting. With our experience and dedication to quality, we'll help you enjoy all of the great benefits that a painting can provide.

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Interior painting - blue room

3 Great Reasons To Paint Your Home's Interior This Winter

With the excitement of the holidays behind us, and a brand new year stretching out ahead, many homeowners setting their sights on what they would like to accomplish in the new year and what they would like to change. For many homeowners, New Year's resolutions aren't limited to just personal improvement, but also for improving things around their home or just bringing an element of change into their lives to keep things from getting stale.

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Top Reasons Why You Need Greensboro Commercial Painting

Top Reasons Why You Need Greensboro Commercial Painting

It can be easy to lose sight of why you might need Greensboro commercial painting since it already seems like your business constantly needs something as it is.

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