Greensboro, NC Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Interior Painting

Greensboro Popcorn Ceiling

In this Greensboro, NC project, we removed the popcorn ceiling from nearly the entire house. Before we started removing the popcorn, we covered everything with plastic covers to prevent messiness. Once the popcorn was removed, we repaired the ceiling with spackle. We also re-taped some areas. After the repairs, we sanded the ceiling for a smooth finish. We then painted the ceiling with two coats of paint. We also painted the walls of two bedrooms and a bathroom.

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"Gio's pro painting removed popcorn ceilings and painted my interior these past couple weeks. They were extremely professional and did a great job. Father and son team that take GREAT pride in their work. I highly recommend them for any work they offer."

- Greensboro, NC

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Greensboro Popcorn Ceiling Greensboro Popcorn Ceiling Greensboro Popcorn Ceiling Greensboro Popcorn Ceiling

Greensboro, NC

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